Recommendation Letters


We are happy to support your application for a scholarship or a university place abroad by means of a recommendation letter. Please note, however, that any group within the TIME Research Area can typically prepare such a letter only for those who have completed at least one course or seminar of the respective group with a grade of 1.7 or better.

Please make sure to specify why you require a letter of recommendation. Please do not forget to attach your current CV, diplomas, certificates and full transcript of your records to the first mail you send to your contact person. Please make sure that all attached files are pdfs. Note, that you have to hand in your application and necessary documents early enough to receive your recommendation letter on time.

Please note that we wont be handing out general letters of recommendation due to a very good performance, but only if you have a specific reason, i. e. an application process that explicitly requires a certificate / letter of recommendation from your professors!