Internship Presentations



Some degree programmes, such as Business Administration and Engineering, require a formal presentation about your mandatory internships in order to have them counted for your studies. The TIME Research Area is happy to evaluate these presentations, provided you meet the following conditions.

  1. At least one of your internships is directly related to the themes covered by one of the five groups within the TIME Research Area.
    • Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WIN)
    • Innovation, Strategy and Organisation (ISO)
    • Marketing (MAR)
    • Technology and Innovation Management (TIM)
  2. Moreover, at least one of the following three criteria needs to be met:
    • You submitted at least one seminar paper to one of the five groups listed above.
    • You are planning to have your Bachelor, Master or Diploma Thesis supervised by one of the five groups listed above and you have already received the supervision agreement.
    • You successfully completed an advanced course offered by the respective group.


If you meet these prerequisites, please contact the person responsible for internship presentations at the group of your choice in order to arrange a date for your presentation. Your presentation should be prepared with Microsoft PowerPoint. The first slide should provide an overview of all relevant internships you conducted as part of your degree programme. This should be followed by four to five slides on the part of the internship that is most closely related to relevant topics of the respective group. Please ensure to hand in the slides of your presentation as pptx and pdf files along with a printed copy. Also remember to bring your internship report and your ZPA form, in German ZPA-Bogen, with you.