FIR e.V. Case Study Challenge


May 2019, Aachen


Our Innovation Honors Class got to know the FIR in a Case Study Workshop. Based on a case study on the topic of "Business Model Innovation: Subscription Business Models," the students developed solutions for mechanical and plant engineering. Each student group examined one of the following areas of the case study: Finance and Pricing, Information Systems, Organizational Structure, and Culture. Ph.D. students with expertise in the areas above supported the students to solve the case study. In the end, the students presented and discussed their results with leading representatives of the Institutes FIR and the TIM. As a result, students were able to expand their soft skills in working on cases, teamwork, and presentations.

After the case study workshop, the students were given an insight into the work at the FIR. The students were given an exciting tour through the demonstration factory. We would particularly like to thank Maximilian Schacht for the design of the case study and the planning of the event. We also thank the employees of the FIR for their support of this event.