Wim Naudé – Is Artificial Intelligence just a hype?


June 2019, Aachen

  Wim Naudé and the Innovation Honor Class

Visiting Professor of the TIM Institute Wim Naudé gave an exclusive lecture on his new paper "The Race Against the Robots and the Fallacy of the Giant Cheesecake: Immediate and Imagined Impacts of Artificial Intelligence" for the Innovation Honors Class. In his publication, he examined the development of artificial intelligence and the perception of this development in society. Prof. Naudé discussed the economic and entrepreneurial implications of artificial intelligence with the students. In the discussion, it became clear that humanity should rather fear an "AI Winter," stagnation in the development of artificial intelligence, than an uncontrolled outbreak of Artificial Intelligence.

For more information and current theoretical insights into the state of research and development of artificial intelligence, see the scientific paper by Wim Naudé.