Organisation Theory (In-Class Format)


This course provides an introduction to organisation theory. This involves understanding the intellectual foundations, underlying assumptions and principal propositions of selected theories including for instance behavioural theory, population ecology theory, institutional theory and the resource-based view.  As part of this course, participants will have the opportunity to become familiar with both classic readings in organisation theory and contemporary applications to innovation-related phenomena.
Classroom sessions will comprise a mixture of traditional lectures, paper discussions and student presentations. Please note, that a detailed course outline and reading list will be made available in L2P ahead of the first session.


After participating in this course, students should be in a position to:
(1) understand the fundamental purpose and constitutive elements of selected theories,
(2) critically discuss empirical innovation research firmly grounded in organisation theory, and
(3) draw on key ideas from selected theories to inform their arguments and reflect upon their practical experiences.


(1) Solid command of English
(2) Basic understanding of technology and innovation management
(3) Willingness to engage in preparatory readings of case studies and/or research papers
(4) Exchange and Erasmus students are cordially invited to apply for participation in this course
(5) Due to the interactive teaching format, the number of participants is limited to 45.

Further Information

Further information on this course and the application procedure can be obtained on CAMPUS.


Univ.-Prof. Torsten-Oliver Salge, Ph.D.