Principles of Data Analysis (8020551)


This course provides an introduction to statistical data analysis. This involves key concepts and definitions in data analysis and statistics.
It is composed of three parts: (1) A lecture part introducing key concepts in and methods of data analysis, their use and fields of applications. (2) An exercise part where the students train the statistical methods by means of statistical software under supervision of the lecturer. (3) An application part in that the students transfer their learning to different data sets to apply their knowledge and analyse the data.
The course covers techniques to
• describe data numerically and graphically using visualizations;
• search for structures in data (factor analysis and cluster analysis);
• test structures in data including group comparisons (t-tests and analysis of variance) and relationships (ordinary least squares regression).


Overall goal: This course provides an overview of showcases and practices the application of the statistical techniques that are most often applied in management research.

After successfully completing this course, the students will have acquired the following learning outcomes:
• … learn to choose the right quantitative research method for the research question at hand.
• … learn to understand conceptual and empirical research papers.
• … learn differences and similarities of statistical research methods.


Further Information

The lectures (Part A of the course) usually will be delivered as videos in English language.


Prof. Dr. David Antons