Grundlagen des Dienstleistungsmarketing

Aktuelle Hinweise

Der Kurs wird in englischer Sprache abgehalten.


The course will (a) present the constitutive characteristics of services, (b) address the distinction between services and products, (c) deal with the (extended) marketing mix of services, and (d) discuss strategies and techniques for successful marketing of services.


The primary purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the fundamentals of services marketing. In doing so, students gain an insight into the special features of services in comparison to products. Another central goal of the course is to enable students to critically reflect on the theoretical foundations and to apply them to real problems in the service sector. To this end, students conduct their own market research projects on services marketing with service companies in small groups and present the results of these projects in plenary sessions and as part of a written term paper. Therefore, the course also aims to train the students' abilities to communicate and present challenging issues.


The module "Dienstleistungsmarketing" (8015039) must not have been successfully completed. In addition, the course Absatz und Beschaffung must have been passed.


Dr. Janina Garbas