Innovation & Creativity Management


About this course

  • Length: 6 weeks
  • Effort: 6-8 hours per week
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Languages: English
  • Video Transcripts: English
  • Instructor: Prof. Piller

Business innovation is nothing without great ideas. But creativity can be difficult to spark on a schedule. It requires a steady hand to manage the creative process and move it forward in a productive way.

This course focuses on ways to manage creativity effectively and introduces a flexible and iterative innovation management process model. You will learn how to navigate a new product concept through the development stage to launch and review.

You’ll also be introduced to agile development principles and techniques for technical problem solving. You will learn how novel methods of open innovation enable your company to benefit from external knowledge and ideas.

Besides online lectures, participants will engage in a series of homework exercises and tutorials that will help deepen their understanding of the topic at hand. Real-life case studies and examples from companies will be used to help participants better prepare for actual situations. In addition, the concepts will be discussed in relation to their theoretical grounding in academic literature.

This course is part of the "Managing Technology & Innovation: How to deal with disruptive change" MicroMasters program designed to teach the critical skills needed to be successful in this exciting field. In order to qualify for the MicroMasters Credential, you will need to earn a Verified Certificate in each of the six courses of the RWTHx MicroMasters program.

What you'll learn

  • How to manage different types of innovations projects: from radical to continuous innovation
  • Different methods supporting technical problem solving to generate novel solutions
  • The role of creativity for innovation and how individual and organizational creativity can be raised
  • How open innovation works
  • Core theoretical work explaining success factors on the level of an innovation project
  • The importance of soft skills and leadership capabilities for managing innovation successfully
  • Critically reflect about common perceptions about innovation and gain your own understanding of the factors making an innovation project successful

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