Entrepreneurial Finance & Venture Capital (ehem. Entrepreneurial Marketing & Finance)

Current Issues


Students gain a deep understanding of Marketing and Finance from an entrepreneurial point of view. Different options to finance Start-ups are discussed (Business Angel, Venture Capitalist, etc.), as well as formal vs. informal equity capital. Theoretical finance lectures are complemented by guest lecturers from Start-ups, Incubators or Venture Capitalists. The second part of the lecture, Entrepreneurial Marketing, analyses theoretical concepts and models concerning Product, Price, Communication and Distribution Management as well from an entrepreneurial point of view. Marketing theory is complemented by guest lectures from Start-Ups, Marketing Agencies or established companies. Both parts will be accompanied by case studies in order to transfer the theoretical knowledge into practice.


This course is based on "Foundations of Entrepreneurship" and seeks to enable students with entrepreneurial ambitions to start their own company after university. Upon completion, students should know different aspects and options of financing a Start-Up in theory and practice. They should understand basic concepts of marketing, can explain the differences between established and entrepreneurial firms and are able to develop marketing concepts for young entrepreneurial firms. Furthermore, they should be able to adapt theoretical knowledge to business relevant questions and are prepared to use that knowledge in their own entrepreneurial career or their later working life.



Univ.-Prof. Dr.rer.pol. Malte Brettel