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In this seminar, participants will obtain the opportunity to present and/or discuss current research from the field of technology and innovation management broadly defined. The seminar will serve primarily as a forum to solicit constructive feedback on own research projects. As such, it is particularly valuable for Ph.D. students seeking ideas on how to overcome conceptual and/or empirical challenges they find themselves confronted with in the various stages of their project. In addition, the seminar might feature internal and/or external speakers presenting their own research or providing insights into such topics as academic publishing or academic career trajectories.


This seminar seeks to enhance participants’ ability to:
(1) present their own research ideas and findings,
(2) solicit input on theoretical and empirical challenges they are faced with, and
(3) provide constructive feedback on research presented by fellow participants.


(1) Solid command of English
(2) Willingness to engage in preparatory readings of research papers
(3) Although this course is targeted at Ph.D. students in the field of innovation research, up to five places are available for Master students.

Further Information

Please contact Dr. Vera Blazevic ( at least four weeks before the first session to apply for a place.


Univ.-Prof. Torsten-Oliver Salge, Ph.D.