Corporate Social Responsibility (8014878)


The course focuses on socially and environmentally responsible leadership along all activities of the value chain. In nine case studies, the class will cover issues of corporate social responsibility with regard to the development of business models, supply chain management, customer relationships, marketing, and pricing and revenue management.


The students learn how to integrate social and ecological aspects into business models. The case studies emphasize critical decision situations in a manager’s work life. The interactive case study course focuses on the discussion of a variety of cases with the following learning objectives:
(1) Ethical thinking in critical decision situations,
(2) Application of a variety of business methods in semi-structured and ambiguous problems,
(3) Learning how companies deal with real world problems and implement solutions for business success,
(4) Importance of assessing situations using critical thinking and presenting opinions in controversial discussions.


Univ.-Prof. Dr.rer.pol. Frank Thomas Piller