Workshop Customer Co-Creation: The Creative Customer as a Driver for Innovation




"Customer co-creation is not a method or strategy, it is a mindset." This is how Graham Cross, Head of Open Innovation at Unilever, recently described the essence of customer co-creation – integrating customers and users in the innovation process of new products, services, and even business models. The idea is that by incorporating a much larger variety of ideas and knowledge in new product and service development, performance should improve and the resulting products should have a better fit with the market requirements.

During the course of this workshop, we will present several case studies including methods and business models which focus on the integration of customers into the innovation process.

We will show you

  • How companies can professionally make use of the influence and creativity of external sources, specifically customers, by the means of “crowdsourcing”.
  • Which specific tools and methods can be used to integrate customers into the innovation process – and what we have learned from pilots using these tools.
  • The limits of co-creation - and how companies can create a balance between open and closed innovation – are discussed in this workshop.

We commonly offer this format in form of a lecture (Corporate Speaking). Of course, more extensive training programs can be offered as well. Please feel free to contact us!