Mass Customization: Properly Plan and Implement Individual Customer Products




Consumer in many industries demand for more than standardized goods: Individualized, personalized offers are in demand as never before. The factors that are successfully used by the clothing or food industry, can be key to your business to create new, highly profitable business segments.

The keyword is mass customization, i.e. the individual production of a product for a specific customer. In the past, this kind of made ​​to measure production was limited to exclusive application subjects. Nowadays, thanks to the modular manufacturing and the cost-effective communication with the customer, it is possible to operate successful mass customization for a wide range of different products.

Learning content

  • What is mass customization and what are its strategic capabilities?
  • Solution space development
  • Robust process design
  • Choice navigation
  • Implementation of MC

Your Benefits

  • You will recognize the benefits that mass customization brings to your business.
  • You will gain insights into the latest research, and learn about potential risks and opportunities.
  • You will learn which key aspects of mass customization can be a recipe for success in your company.

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