Innovation Management Workshop


A sound understanding of the methodological, strategic, and functional basics is crucial for successful innovation management. The knowledge about a proper, i.e. effective and efficient, approach to innovation processes often decides about success or failure. These essential principles, going far beyond the level of knowledge possessed by normal business administration graduates, are the core content of this practical workshop.

Exemplary agenda:

Session 1: Introduction to Innovation Management

  • Basic concepts
  • Paradigms of innovation management
  • Specific challenges and factors of success
  • Characteristics of innovative companies

Session 2: Basic Concepts of Managing the Innovation Process

  • Innovation process phases
  • Stage-Gate-concept and decisions points in each phase
  • Evaluation as a critical component of success
  • Organization of innovation management

Session 3: Customer-Centric Innovation and Open Innovation

(Optional: Alternative: Presentation of further instruments and organizational structures)

  • The customer’s role in innovation management
  • External knowledge for the innovation process
  • Instruments and tools of open innovation

Session 4: Innovation Management at Your Company

  • Consolidation of individual points related to your claim
  • Development of an agenda for the implementation of single aspects
  • Discussion of further steps

The theoretical framework will be substantiated by many practical examples and cases. Feel free to ask for further information and a concrete in-house concept for your company!