Corporate Cooperations


In the context of a multitude of collaborations, the TIME Research Area supports companies in conceptual and strategic questions and also supports implementations in a long term perspective. You can find selected examples in the section "Research Cooperations".

Within our course curriculum we focus not only on conveying the necessary theoretical knowledge base, but also on giving the students key insights into the corporate environment by means of guest lecturers. You can find selected examples of practice presentations in the respective section.

In a research context, we are offering collaboration opportunities in the form of Masters' and Doctoral Theses that directly address specific problems that companies might face in order to develop individual solutions. If you are interested in a particular collaboration on the basis of a thesis, please refer to the respective section or contact directly the responsible person at the group of your interest.

The strong interconnection to business practice is also emphasized through the TIM Expertenkreis by Professor Frank Piller and the Aachen Entrepreneurship, headed by Professor Malte Brettel.