The research activities performed by members of the TIME Research Area seek to enhance our understanding of key managerial aspects related to the ideation, development and commercialization of technological innovation. Special emphasis is placed upon those questions that pertain to the management of innovative and entrepreneurial processes, the role of product design and strong brands as well as the adoption, commercialisation and impact of new technologies.

We look forward to providing you with more detailed insights into our multifaceted research activities.

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Healthcare Innovation Lab

Digitalization in healthcare is a process of adaptive change which needs to be developed with all involved stakeholders.Our Healthcare Innovation Lab connects people from different disciplines to accelerate the digitization process in healthcare. We want to bring technology, healthcare and research closer together.

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TIME Video Abstracts added


A new Video Abstract has been added for the Article "Mapping the Impact of Social Media for Innovation".

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Awards & Collaboration

Professor Torsten Oliver Salge has been elected as a fellow of Cambridge Digital Innovation, a centre at the University of Cambridge dedicated to research, teaching and outreach on collaborative innovation in today’s digital age. This honorary appointment will further strengthen the long standing partnership between RWTH Aachen University and the University of Cambridge in research and teaching.

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