Solomon-Marshall-Stuart Teaching Award

  Teaching Award

During last week’s Summer AMA 2018 in Boston, Prof. Dr. Stefanie Paluch is recognized as a finalist for the Pearson Prentice Hall’s Solomon-Marshall-Stuart Award for Innovative Excellence in Marketing Education.

The focus of this year's teaching award ' Experiential Learning and Curriculum Design' is reflected in Prof. Dr. Stefanie Paluchs didactic concept which includes a combination of innovative learning methods, e.g. case study learning, practical seminars with companies and web-based online simulations or flipped classrooms. This combination enables a learning and reflection process to transfer business knowledge to society.

The Teaching and Learning Special Interest Group, in partnership with Pearson Prentice Hall and Solomon, Marshall, Stuart the authors of the Marketing: Real People, Real Choices marketing text, conducts a competition to recognize innovative excellence in marketing education.

This competition provides a forum for outstanding teachers to share their classroom innovations with colleagues from around the world. The finalist of the Pearson Prentice Hall Solomon-Marshall-Stuart Award is honored as part of a special session at the Summer Marketing Educator’s conference.