Green hydrogen with a focus on sustainability in medium-sized companies as well as internal and external corporate communications.

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According to the National Hydrogen Strategy NWS of June 2020, all of the nearly 4 million companies in Germany should become sustainable and CO2-neutral within the next 20 years.
In a bachelor thesis, various aspects are to be examined in this context. The first step is to develop and implement the necessary steps and milestones for the future in a project with lighthouse character. The aim is to take advantage of the current momentum and to have initial results on the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) / Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) available before the deadline of January 1, 2025. However, it is not only important to do good things. It is important to also document these steps with the projected successes and then communicate them - both internally and externally. This contributes to a positive positioning of the company with a unique selling proposition. The first to do something in its industry sets the future standards. Optimal sustainability communication enhances the company's own employer brand. For the future recruitment of specialists and executives, employer branding (in addition to salary & working hours) will play a decisive role.

Objects of investigation:
to be dealt with in the context of the bachelor thesis would be four possible directions:
- cross-industry empirical studies
- Studies on energy-intensive industries (foundry industry, screw manufacturers, spring industry, wire drawing mills, technical plastic products, surface technology, massive forming)
- Analysis of the current top 10 companies on the topic of sustainability in order to bundle experiences and design an optimal momentum for the next years
- Development of a sustainability communication concept for a company with individual selection of the desired target industry for the bachelor thesis

The thesis is supervised by Dr. Klaus Dirk Herwig ( / and RWTH-TIM.
If you are interested, please contact Mr. Jan-Marco Nepute (

Keywords: Green hydrogen, sustainability, corporate communications