New Paper published in International Journal of Human Resource Management

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The paper entitled "Untangling the Relationship between HRM and Hospital Performance: the Mediating Role of Attitudinal and Behavioural HR Outcomes" has been published in the International Journal of Human Resource Management, VHB Journal Rating B. The paper is co-authored by Alina Baluch, University of St. Andrews and Erk Piening, ESCP Europe Berlin. The study reveals a positive relationship between employees' HR system perceptions and patient satisfaction. Moreover, our results suggest that this relationship is mediated by employees' civility towards patients, that is, by the extent to which employees treat patients with courtesy, dignity and respect. This behavioural HR outcome, in turn, is negatively affected by employees' intention to leave, an essential attitudinal HR outcome that mediates the link between HR system perceptions and civility towards patients. This study, therefore, contributes to a better understanding of the mechanisms through which HRM can enhance patient satisfaction in health care organisations.

The full paper is available for download at Taylor & Francis Online.