Organizational Knowledge Management to enhance Interdisciplinary Research at Universities: A Case Study of the Profile Areas at RWTH University

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The RWTH Aachen has set itself the goal to advance cutting-edge research in Germany as an integrated interdisciplinary university of technology and to be internationally competitive. In this process knowledge as a critical resource in organizations, knowledge transfer and the development of interdisciplinary cooperation could become a crucial competitive advantage. One part of the future vision of the RWTH is the establishment of cross-faculty profile areas that should enable the effective and efficient organization of interdisciplinary collaboration at the RWTH Aachen.
As part of the thesis the possibilities and limitations and in particular possible barriers for this type of interdisciplinary collaboration should be identified and analyzed. For this approach, qualitative research methods such as interviews are suitable. It is also possible to use empirical methods.

Keywords: Knowledge management; Interdisciplinary research; Knowledge transfer; Attitudes: Collaboration