Intensive learning or cultural exchange? What determines the reputation of Summer Schools?

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Lehrstuhl für Innovation, Strategie und Organisation
Bachelor; Master


The teaching quality, the offer of social events, lifelong networks, cultural experiences, international experience. All this could be criteria when applying for a summer school. In the thesis, the determinants of the reputation of Summer Schools are to be investigated conceptually or empirically. The Aachen International Summer School (ACISS), which has been offered by the School of Economics since 2015 as a research-oriented summer school for post docs, postgraduate students and advanced master students of all types, is the basis of the study. From July to October, between 7 and 9 one-week, interactive intensive courses with method and application focus take place. The courses are conducted by excellent internal and external speakers. In the last two years, data on the assessment of ACISS have already been collected. The aim will be either to answer conceptual (then rather as a bachelor's thesis) or empirically with the (further) development of a survey the question of the determinants of the reputation of Summer Schools and to analyze how the gained insights could improve the reputation of the ACISS.

Keywords: Reputation; Summer School; Determinants; Survey