Cost and Process Analysis for Fiber Production with Alternative Solvents

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Bachelor; Master


Fiber-reinforced composites are always used where high strength and rigidity are to be achieved with the least possible weight. Due to their outstanding properties, carbon fibers are particularly used in the "high performance" sector. The process know-how is essential for the production of high-strength carbon fibers and was built up by established manufacturers for the current processes over many decades.
With the ban on some harmful solvents, many manufacturers will be forced to change their processes and recalculate their costs. Your task is to carry out a cost calculation for wet spinning with the harmless inorganic solvents. The work can be combined with practical test series on a pilot plant. The findings will be used to estimate the economic efficiency of the process and to compare possible production sites for fiber production. This helps us to provide competent advice to industrial partners.
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