Knowledge Transfer in Open Innovation Ecosystems - A critical review of existing literature

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Lehrstuhl für Innovation, Strategie und Organisation


While existing Open Innovation (OI) literature has been very successful in delineating organizational antecedents of building and implementing related strategies, the study of micro-level foundations has been largely underemphasized.
This is rather surprising given that seminal work on the concept has traditionally positioned individuals at the frontline of OI.
Only recently, limitations in the explanatory power of established frameworks have prompted researchers to gradually shift scholarly attention to those individual-level attributes facilitating the building and implementation of OI strategies. However, related studies are still exploratory in nature and fragmentation of insights impedes the definition of clear research trajectories for this rather young stream of OI literature.
This thesis aims at providing a systematization of existing knowledge on the micro-level foundations of OI. Based on a comprehensive literature review, the thesis should generate a knowledge landscape that reveals prevalent sub-streams as well as “blind spots” of understanding in the field. Concluding, the thesis should present a set of research priorities to guide scholarly inquiry on the topic for the coming years.