The ethical DNA of organizations in the digital age – Organizational Identity of medium-sized companies and their influence on ethical perception and decisions in the digital context

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Not only does each individual have his or her own personal identity, but also each company has its own organizational identity. The organizational identity describes “who we are” as organization and is set-up by the perception of the employees and stakeholders, as well as the management style and strategic orientation. Family businesses have a special identity due to the presence of a founding family. For example, the identity of the shoe retail company DEICHMANN is strongly linked to the religious values of the Deichmann family.

The objective of the thesis:

The aim of the work is to shed more light on the organizational identity in family businesses and to understand what influence the founding family has on an organizational identity. The work is qualitative and based on semi-structured interviews with employees of family businesses. The interviews are already available as transcripts and will be coded and evaluated in close coordination with Friederike Volk. In addition to the qualitative evaluation of the interviews, a literature overview on the subject of Organizational Identity and Family Identity will be prepared, in which the findings of the interviews will be embedded.

Focus of the work:

On the one hand, students should learn to search for, structure and summarize literature. In addition, however, the coding of interviews is the main focus. Here the students learn to work cleanly on their own questions and problems. The work is written in close cooperation and coordination with the chair. If desired, the thesis can also be written in German.

It is also possible to work in pairs on this topic and to write the thesis as a tandem with another student. This has the advantage that in addition to the close supervision by the chair, another sparring partner is available.

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