Positive psychological capital of top managers and its connection with psychological capital in organizations and organizational success

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Psychological capital (self-efficacy, hope, optimism and resilience) can promote innovation and business success (see Mulgan 2007; Sartori, Favretto & Chesci, 2009). The aim of this thesis is to test the extent to which individual psychological capital (PsyCap) of top managers is related to psychological capital at the corporate level. Primary data on the PsyCap of top managers are already available. Psychological capital at company level has to be collected by computer-based text analysis. A corresponding dictionary already exists (see McKenney, Short & Payne, 2013). In order to answer the question, it must first be translated into German. Likewise, corresponding annual reports of cooperative banks are already available, which are to be examined with regard to PsyCap of the respective organization.

Possible questions in theses concern the methodical validation of the computer-based survey method of PsyCap, the connection between individual and organisational PsyCap as well as the connection with corporate success.

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Keywords: quantitative text analysis, computer-based text analysis, top management, psychological capital, PsyCap, corporate success