Building an Open Innovation Ecosystem in the B2B Context: The Case Study of a Multinational Health Technology Company

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Using an open innovation ecosystem is vital for multinational enterprises to spark innovative activities. It is crucial for them to supplement conventional practices of internal search with external knowledge inflow to maintain their competitive advantage. Establishing an Open Innovation Ecosystem involves stakeholders of the focal firm in managing a collaborative value creation process, e.g. with customers, suppliers, start-ups, universities, innovation intermediaries. This thesis shall analyze the roll out of an Open Innovation Ecosystem approach in the B2B business units of a leading health technology company with low open innovation maturity. The head of open innovation at this health technology company invites a student to conduct an empirical case study. The goal is to identify needs and challenges when implementing open innovation practices in B2B business units with low open innovation maturity. Finally, as a practical implication, the student shall develop a tool kit for suitable open innovation practices in the B2B health technology context.

Keywords: open innovation, ecosystem, B2B, health technology, tool kit, best practices, company cooperation, case study