(Re-)Framing under the common good? – Communication strategies for genetic engineering

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The omnipresent challenges of the 21st century are causing that some technologies are evaluated in a new light. For some for example, green genetic engineering no longer seems to be an indisputable taboo. On the contrary, genetic engineering methods and the innovations those methods can bring to the agricultural sector are increasingly attracting the support of politicians and scientists. On the side of the end consumers, however, there is still considerable scepticism regarding products that have been produced with the help of genetic engineering.

Your work will focus on evaluating communication strategies of the highly polarizing technique of genetic modification. More specifically, you will examine the consumer-side psychological processes that are triggered when confronted with different communication strategies. Which message frames lead to which judgment formation? How can judgment formation be actively influenced by communication? What are the effects of focusing on the common good versus self-interest? You could ask yourself these and other questions in your work and thus contribute to a gain in knowledge, in the understanding of psychological processes of the evaluation of polarizing innovations.

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Keywords: Consumer Behavior, Marketing, Innovation, Psychology