Poverty and entrepreneurship / Covid-19 and global crises / Sustainability and environmentally friendly use of resources

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Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftswissenschaften für Ingenieure und Naturwissenschaftler
Bachelor; Master


COVID-19 is first and foremost a humanitarian crisis, but it is also the most difficult global economic crisis since World War II. The world, led by the industrialized nations, is struggling to find a solution. For every government and every entrepreneur, the big question is which path holds the greatest prospect of success.

What often seems to be forgotten is that there are countries and regions in the world that have historically always struggled with limited resources and uncertainty in the business environment - developing countries. Together, we would like to collect and evaluate primary data in developing countries.

What are your advantages?
1. freedom to choose your own research focus (examples in the title can be customized)
2. close supervision and individual coaching
3. if the pandemic situation and the entry regulations allow it, nothing stands in the way of an excursion to South Africa or Peru for data collection! :-)

Keywords: Startups, entrepreneurship, Covid-19, developing countries, emerging markets, sustainability