"How to buy tomorrow?" - Retail concepts of the future

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People have never been exposed to such a fast pace of life as in our modern times. As a result, customers' needs and desires are constantly changing, also in terms of their shopping behavior. The e-commerce sector is booming, while retail stores are closing.

In order to survive in offline commerce, a coherent retail concept is becoming increasingly important.
Innovative retail concepts that combine online & offline, as well as new sales strategies and marketing campaigns are in the spotlight.

From a scientific perspective, exciting questions arise, such as: what are the characteristics of these new concepts; which role do new technologies play and what is the responsibility of employees of the future; how do customers react to the new offer and how do they perceive the shopping experience?

The aim of the work is to empirically investigate some variables in order to subsequently derive recommendations for action.

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Keywords: Strategic Marketing; Customer Experience; Service Marketing; Retail Solutions; Consumer Behavior