What makes a good ‚Horse‘? Relative Importance of Product Characteristics for Investment Decisions of Startup Investors

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Topic & Research Focus
Investors are considering various criteria when screening and deciding to invest in a startup. In this regard, the characteristics of the startup team (the ‘jockey’) and the product/service (the ‘horse’) are among the most important criteria that investors consider. While we already know a lot about the characteristics of a great startup team, little is known about what makes a great product/service (‘horse’). This becomes a particularly important question when taking into account that not all investor types (e.g., venture capitalists, corporate venture capitalists, business angels) are alike but have different preferences and objectives when investing in startups. The objective of this master thesis is to theoretically derive and empirically examine the differences in the importance of product/service characteristics for different investor types. For this purpose, you can leverage a unique dataset comprising of interviews with different investors that build the empirical foundation for your thesis.

What’s In For You?
- Access to a unique primary dataset comprising of interviews with different investors that you can use for your research
- Close support and individual coaching
- Insights into in-depth research on the startup investment decision-making at our chair and the Venture Capital scene (e.g., you can participate in interviews conducted with VCs and CVCs)
- Your thesis findings will be actively used within the research of our chair

Keywords: Investors, venture capital, funding, startups, growth, financing, investment process, investment criteria