What Do They Look For? Differences in the Investment Decision-Making of VCs, CVCs and Business Angels

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Topic & Research Focus
European startup investment activity is reaching new peaks. Aside from traditional venture capital (VC) investors, business angels and non-traditional investors such as corporate venture capital (CVC) investors have boosted capital flowing into European VC during the past decade. Despite some similarities, these different investor types are not alike but have different preferences and objectives when investing in startups. The objective of this thesis is to examine the differences in investment decision-making (i.e. investment stage, process, and decision criteria) across different investor types (VCs, CVCs, and Business Angels).

What’s In For You?
- Freedom to choose which investor types you want to analyze (e.g., VC vs. CVC, CVC vs. BA, etc.)
- Insights into in-depth research on the startup investment decision-making at our chair and the Venture Capital scene
- Your thesis findings will be actively used within the research of our chair
- Close support and individual coaching through your supervisor possible

Keywords: Investors, venture capital, funding, startups, growth, financing, investment process, investment criteria