Environmental Innovation – Sustainability through technological progress

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Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftswissenschaften für Ingenieure und Naturwissenschaftler
Bachelor; Master


From recyclable materials to alternative drive technologies and resource-friendly manufacturing processes. To meet growing regulatory, social, and economic demands of a sustainable economy, more and more manufacturing companies are investing in the development of "environmental innovations". Used correctly, this type of innovation can reduce negative impacts on the environment while enabling efficiency gains and differentiation potentials. In order to better understand this young and dynamic field of innovation and to make it accessible for companies across industries, the required capabilities for a successful development and commercialization need to be examined in detail. This gives rise to various research questions that can be investigated qualitatively and/or quantitatively in the context of a bachelor or master thesis:
o How does environmental innovation differ from other types of innovation and why is that important for companies?
o How should companies design their alliance portfolio to specifically promote the development of environmental innovations?
o Which role does the flexible use of resources play in the development of environmental innovations?
o What influence does the development and commercialization of environmental innovations have on long-term corporate success at the capital market?
If you would like to investigate how companies can reconcile sustainability and profitability goals through innovation, send us your CV and a short informal cover letter via email to We look forward to discuss your ideas and possible research topics in an initial call.

Keywords: Innovation, Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Organizational Capabilities