Barriers to digital transformation processes in the textile industry

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The textile industry remains an important economic sector in Germany, with sales of approximately €32 billion and around 135,000 employees. However, the German textile industry is increasingly struggling due to the special conditions of the industry. Frequently changing collections and products, a low unit/cost ratio, non-transparent and long supply chains, a high proportion of manual work steps and competition from the Asian market make life difficult for the industry.
To be competitive in the future, the textile industry must make the digital transition. However, according to the BMBF's digitalization index, the industry is at the bottom of the list. This can be attributed to barriers in the digital transformation process. Empirically, general barriers such as a lack of resources or a shortage of skilled workers can be identified. However, there is a lack of insight into the special circumstances of the textile industry. This is where you come in.
Your task:
Your task is to identify industry-specific barriers to the implementation of digital transformation processes. To do this, you will first outline an industry picture of the German textile industry. Then you will develop a questionnaire for interviews with industry representatives. You will also develop a coding system for conducting and evaluating the interviews. For the analysis of the interviews, you will use the software MAXQDA. Finally, you will weigh the identified obstacles so that concrete solution strategies for the problems of the textile industry can be developed based on your work. In doing so, you will contribute to the digitization of the textile industry.
Relevant questions:
- What are the barriers to digital transformation processes in the textile industry?
- What are the phases of the transformation process and where do difficulties tend to occur?
- Where do companies see the greatest potential for digitization and why does it fail?

Keywords: Digitalization, barriers, textile industry