AI Ecosystem - a trust perspective

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The use of AI apps has a major impact on our daily life, society and simultaneously provides enormous economic potential. Therefore, besides technical perspectives it is important to take into account ethical and moral aspects of AI. The intention behind this is to create trust and acceptance in new technologies.

The aim of the thesis is to analyze AI ecosystems with their relevant actors and their contributions to the ecosystem. The methodology and the exact research question are open. An individual adaptation and focusing of the topic, as well as the inclusion of a self-planned quantitative or qualitative work is possible.

We offer you flexible and needs-based supervision, support in familiarising yourself with scientific methods and room to shape your own personal interests in the thesis!

In particular, you can gain important experience in the field of scientific work during intensive collaboration on a research project with national scope, gain exciting insights for your own studies and acquire essential skills for your further career.

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Keywords: AI Ecosystems, Trustworthy AI, Business Model Innovation