Exploratory analysis of the national hydrogen ecosystem landscape

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By pooling competencies and resources in the development of disruptive and emergent technologies, competitive advantages can be achieved in the long term. The emergence of ecosystems with a focus on a common value proposition serves the purpose of leveraging these potentials.

Hydrogen is considered a key element for the further development of the energy transition. Nationwide projects and strategies (Die nationale Wasserstoffstrategie) focus on a comprehensive integration of hydrogen into the energy system. The emergence of regional ecosystems and networks in the field of the hydrogen economy can be observed throughout Germany.

The thesis will be part of the Future Cluster Hydrogen ( funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The cluster focuses on the development of a hydrogen technology-based regional innovation ecosystem, which pursues the goal of interdisciplinary networking in the areas of science, business and society. The knowledge gained during this thesis is considered an important contribution to the development and management of the regional hydrogen innovation ecosystem.

The thesis aims to investigate the ecosystem landscape in Germany in the context of the emerging hydrogen economy. Based on a literature review on ecosystem structures and networks, quantitative data on selected ecosystems will be collected. The following questions are the focus of the analysis.

What network and ecosystem structures can be observed during the development of hydrogen technologies?

What factors may be relevant for evaluating and comparing ecosystems in the context of the hydrogen economy?

What implications for ecosystem orchestration can be derived from the findings?

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Keywords: hydrogen, innovation ecosystem, networks