The challenge of innovation implementation: an empirical analysis of the innovation potential of a newly developed laser scanner array

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Research is currently investigating various approaches to increase productivity in laser material processing. Fraunhofer ILT is pursuing a multi-laser approach for applications where, due to process limitations, the productivity cannot be further increased solely by an increase in laser power. An increase in the number of laser beam sources makes it possible to raise the process speed almost proportionally to this number. For this, a scanner system is required, which is capable of precisely and quickly guiding the individual beams – independently of each other – over the processing field. Therefore, Fraunhofer ILT has developed the SCANPLEX scanner array, which combines four 2D deflection units for parallel laser material processing in a housing of the size of a conventional 2D processing head. A demonstrator of the scanner was set up in the laboratory and is currently in the characterization phase.
Fraunhofer ILT is engaged in intense research about possible fields of application for the newly developed scanner. So far, the fields of laser marking, additive manufacturing, micromachining, and laser cleaning seem to be promising applications.

Your Tasks:
• Summary and evaluation of existing literature and market studies
• Further literature research
• Identification of application barriers and substitutes
• Graphical processing of relevant data on markets, fields of application, regions, players, etc.
• Preparation and execution of interviews with industry partners

Your thesis will be jointly supervised by Lazar Bochvarov (Fraunhofer ILT) and Christina Dienhart (Institute for Technology and Innovation Management (TIM), RWTH). ILT will provide you with all the technical information you need for your work. The TIM Institute supports you in conducting market studies, interviews, and a holistic economic analysis to identify the application potential of the scanner. Your thesis will be registered at Faculty 8 (Economics).