Development of a KPI-concept for logistical processes to enable management decision making in a late-stage venture - Case Study

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Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftswissenschaften für Ingenieure und Naturwissenschaftler


This applied master thesis takes place in close cooperation with Otto Wilde Grillers GmbH (OWG; start-up which was acquired by Miele in 2021) and supports the Head of Operations in the development of a logistics concept. Specifically, a KPI concept for relevant logistics data is to be developed to enable systematic collection, analysis and evaluation. Qualitative data will be collected first - i.e., interviews with OWG employees from logistics and supply chain will be conducted - in order to develop a target picture for the logistics KPIs. A quantitative part by accessing historical OWG data will follow, so that it can be shown that the KPIs are practical and can be collected validly. Particularly in the collection of the qualitative data, an appropriate literature review is to be conducted in order to connect the findings from the interviews with relevant academic perspectives. For example, "Supply chain performance measurement: a literature review" (Akyuz & Erkan, 2010) can serve as a starting point for the topic.

Keywords: KPIs, Logistics, venture, entrepreneurship