Innovative business models for AI use cases within the hospital of the future



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Innovative business models for AI use cases within the hospital of the future.

The potential of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence is enormous, particularly in the healthcare sector: they can relieve employees from secondary activities and provide patients with more autonomy and decision-making space through active involvement in the treatment process. Accordingly, the application of AI is planned in use cases such as dialogue systems in the patient's room, the automated extraction of relevant knowledge from medical documents, or the prediction and movement patterns by bed sensor technology.
New sustainable business models are needed for the AI use cases to unleash their full potential and be adopted by as many hospitals as possible. The focus of the business models is on the specific value propositions of healthcare and cost structures and monetization options. In addition, attractive target groups must be identified, and the necessary resources and partners highlighted.
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Keywords: business model, innovation, artificial intelligence, smart hospital, AI use cases