Strategic Technology Management: Building innovation ecosystems around innovative technologies

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Lehrstuhl für Innovation, Strategie und Organisation
Bachelor; Master


In order to develop attractive value propositions based on innovative technologies, targeted management of innovation ecosystems is required. However, the interplay of these elements i.e., technology-value proposition-ecosystem management, is difficult to assess, especially in the initial phase of the innovation process.

Therefore, this offered work focuses on identifying causal relationships between these elements by breaking down the complexity of innovation ecosystems into salient technological attributes.
By comparing configurations of these attributes in different ecosystems, conclusions will be drawn about how successfully innovation ecosystems can be built around innovative technologies.

This research project will be investigated using an empirical study of diverse ecosystems that belong to the BMBF program "Wandel durch Innovation in der Region!" (WIR!). The method used will be Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA). Other ecosystems can also be studied by arrangement.

On the one hand, the work requires knowledge in innovation management, on the other hand, enthusiasm for innovative technologies is required, since the attributes of these technologies are to be the focus of the analysis.

With the completion of this thesis, the student should not only demonstrate the ability to work on a problem independently according to scientific methods, but also build up a sound understanding of the management of innovation ecosystems around innovative technologies.

What we offer:
- Intensive collaboration in current BMBF projects, such as "Change through Innovation in the Region (WIR!)".
- You will be part of the team, you will have a workplace at the institute, and you will be invited to our project meetings and team events.
- Interviews, meetings with politicians, meetings with alliances
- You will investigate interesting research topics in future industries - it's not for nothing that innovation fields are more highly funded than ever before
- Room for your own ideas and interests - both methodologically and in terms of content
- For your further career, you can make contacts in politics and the private sector through your practical work, or recommend yourself for a doctorate with us

If you are enthusiastic about the topic, please send your CV, a short cover letter and a recent grade summary to

Keywords: ecosystem, innovation, management, quantitative, technologie