"Sustainable innovations or back to the roots" - Market potential assessment for sustainable innovations.

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Sustainability is a broad term and many are not sure whether this means a step forward or back. With the help of structural change, it is possible to become more sustainable in any case, but it will not be easy and what does this actually mean for the individual?
The long-term success of a structural change is not only dependent on political incentive systems or technological achievements, but is also significantly influenced by the acceptance and willingness to adopt products and services by customers and users. The goal of any technology-oriented innovation ecosystem should therefore be to identify the target groups and their needs at an early stage and to align its own value proposition with them.

To this end, your thesis should identify and understand the motivations, motives and needs of customer groups for the technologies. Methods such as qualitative interviews with stakeholders (especially in the B2B area), Outcome Driven Innovation and Job-Based Thinking as well as Conjoint Analyses (especially in the B2C area) can be used, but also quantitative methods to identify related trends.

In the context of this master thesis, the focus can be placed on the B2B area (e.g. in the area of construction, tetil, plastics...) as well as on the B2C area with a focus on sustainability and bioeconomy.

What we offer:
- Work on a current hot topic
- Collaboration in the BMBF-funded research project "Model Region Bioeconomy in the Rhenish Revier".
- Space for your own ideas and interests
- Development of your economic & scientific skills

If you are enthusiastic about the topic, please send your CV, a letter of motivation and a current grade overview as well as your desired focus area on B2B or B2C to

Keywords: Sustainability Innovations Market potential Bioeconomy