Entrepreneur, life partner, and hobby athlete: one person - many roles - effects of role multiplicity on well-being.

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Bachelor; Master


Each of us holds different roles – e.g. being a child, a student, an entrepreneur, a friend .... All roles together add up to our self-concept and influence both our well-being and our behavior. The multiplicity of roles can have both positive and negative effects - we can feel our overwhelmed or inspired.
In recent years, entrepreneurship research has increasingly focused on the well-being of entrepreneurs. In this thesis, we will analyze the relationship between entrepreneurial roles/identities, entrepreneurial behavior and well-being based on a literature review.

Introductory literature:
• Mmbaga, Nick A.; Mathias, Blake D.; Williams, David W.; Cardon, Melissa S. (2020): A review of and future agenda for research on identity in entrepreneurship. In Journal of Business Venturing 35 (6), p. 106049. DOI: 10.1016/j.jbusvent.2020.106049.
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An excerpt of your most important tasks during the thesis:
• Definition of the research question
• Independent literature research
• Evaluation and discussion of the results

What is in it for you?
• a scientifically relevant thesis at the intersection of entrepreneurship and (social) psychology
• Supervision by a doctoral student with a similar research focus

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Well-being, Startup, social psychology, psychology, identities, roles