Disruptive Innovation as solution to the climate crisis?

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In the wake of the climate crisis, market leaders are increasingly rethinking from a fossil-based to a sustainable business model. To achieve this, companies must disrupt their core business with new, sustainable business models before they are disrupted by start-ups.
Christensen coined the term "disruptive innovation" 25 years ago in his world-renowned book Innovator's Dilemma. In it, he describes why market leaders like Blockbuster (DVD rental) are being pushed out of the market by start-ups like Netflix. This process is called disruption, and because the demise of market leaders is so shocking, intensive research is being done on possible responses by market leaders against disruptors.

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to conduct a literature review on the following question: What are challenges & success factors for market leaders to build a sustainable business model with the help of disruptive innovation?

What is expected from you?
- Independent work
- High willingness to read literature

What's in it for you?
- Insight into one of the most important management research topics
- Continuous personal support and coaching
- Contact to the start-up coaching center if interested
- English or German possible

Literature to read in:
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Keywords: Disruptive innovation, disruption, sustainability, Business model innovation