Which role does personality play for entrepreneurs’ well-being? A systematic literature review

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As poor mental health is estimated to cost the global economy $6 trillion by 2030 and especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, well-being has received increasing attention in politics, in the workplace, and in social media, e.g. in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. No one is immune, not even entrepreneurs: 8% of start-up failures have found to be (partly) due to burnout. Therefore, the academic world is very interested in understanding the mechanisms of entrepreneurial well-being. The personality of entrepreneurs plays an exciting role here. Various research papers have already established a link between personality and well-being.
With this bachelor thesis we would like to systematically review the current research on this connection and derive implications for future research.

What is expected from you?
- Ability to work independently
- High readiness to read

What's in it for you?
- Insight into a research topic with high actual relevance
- Personal support and coaching from a researcher with a consulting background and a focus on entrepreneurial well-being
- Thesis in German or English (preferred)

Introductory Literature:
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Keywords: Mental Health, Well-being, Interventions, Entrepreneurship