Digitalization as a strategic factor - development in the healthcare sector

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Lehrstuhl für Innovation, Strategie und Organisation
Bachelor; Master


Digital technologies promise great potential in the healthcare sector. The aim is to reduce the workload of staff, treat patients individually, and improve the exchange of information between medical facilities. However, the actual benefits of digital technologies are not immediate, but must be pursued by healthcare institutions over the long term. For this purpose, digital technologies should be an essential part of the strategy. But what does practice show? Are healthcare facilities integrating technologies into their strategy? What significance do the technologies actually have?
The aim of this thesis is to answer precisely these questions. A large data set of annual reports of English hospitals is available for evaluation. The examination of different time points allows the observation of developments and trends. The work will give you a deep insight into the strategic use of digital technologies by healthcare providers.
We offer you flexible and regular supervision as well as support in learning scientific methods. In addition, you have the freedom to contribute your personal ideas.
Are you curious and want to dive into digital transformation in healthcare? Then please send me a CV and your current grades overview by email in addition to your application.

Keywords: Digitalization; Digital technologies; Healthcare; Hospitals