"Innovation ecosystems for a post-fossil economy"

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The road to a post-fossil economy, an economic system that does not require the consumption of fossil resources, is long. While energy production through renewable energies is already making progress, there are e.g., hardly any adequate alternatives for oil and gas-based plastics, which have become an indispensable part of everyday life. One solution is offered by the bioeconomy, which stands for an economy based on biology and uses in particular the achievements of biotechnology e.g., to produce high-performance materials from agricultural products.

Due to its great potential, the German government has selected the Rhenish mining area as a lighthouse project and is supporting players from science and industry in particular to build up a model region for the bioeconomy. As a regional innovation ecosystem, this region is to explore the paths of sustainable transformation and serve as a model for following regions.

The aim of the thesis is the analysis of the innovation ecosystem of the model region bioeconomy in the Rhenish mining area with focus on the operating actors and their roles, as well as the management of the cooperation in the ecosystem. Based on this, weak points that stand in the way of the ambitious project of the model region are to be identified and implications for action for actors from politics and ecosystem management are to be derived. A variety of methods can be used for the analysis, such as interviews, netnography, webmining, surveys or content analysis. The choice of method and level of analysis will be determined together based on your interests and skills. The thesis can be written in German or English according to personal preference.

I offer you a flexible and regular supervision, support in learning scientific methods and room for creativity to pursue your personal interests in the thesis! In addition, the thesis offers you the following advantages:
- You will be researching a socially highly relevant topic and paving the way for the next big sustainability topic
- You will be helping to build a regional bioeconomy innovation ecosystem
- You will receive mentoring on equal footing and support in expanding your business and scientific knowledge

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Keywords: innovation sustainable bioeconomy ecosystem technology biotechnology renewable energy hydrogen policy management business