"Innovation and research policy for a post-fossil economy"

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Time is running - our society is in a race against time towards a post-fossil economic system before barely reversible tipping points of climate change are reached. For this, we urgently need sustainable solutions to replace established but environmentally harmful technologies.

Germany conducts research at the top international level and is at the top of Europe in terms of spending on research and development by government and private-sector actors. This puts Germany in a good position to make a significant contribution to the development of sustainable innovations and to take on a pioneering role internationally. Indeed, German innovation and research policy is already focused on addressing the major societal challenges of our time.

But the road from researching a technology at university to its actual application is difficult and takes time. In addition, Germany is reported to have a weak performance in transferring research into commercial applications compared to other countries. Therefore, it is not so much the size of the budget, but rather the design of the funding programs that is the most important adjusting screw of German innovation and research policy.

The overarching question of the thesis is therefore: "How can research and innovation be stimulated to optimize the transfer into sustainable applications?". The question offers room for a variety of possible approaches. Thus, different use cases, such as hydrogen, bioeconomy or other sustainable innovations can be considered. Likewise, diverse research methods such as surveys (e.g., with founders), content analyses (e.g., of the national hydrogen strategy), or interviews (e.g., with project leaders) can be considered. The choice of method, use case, and level of analysis will be determined together based on your interests and skills. The thesis can be written in German or English according to personal preference.

I offer you a flexible and regular supervision, support in learning scientific methods and room for creativity to pursue your personal interests in the thesis! In addition, the thesis offers you the following advantages:
• You will conduct research on a socially highly relevant topic and develop implications for policy and administration.
• You can establish practical contacts for the time after your studies and recommend yourself for a doctoral position with a very good thesis.
• You will receive mentoring on equal footing and support in expanding your business and scientific knowledge

Interested? Then convince me about your motivation for the topic with a short email and please attach your CV and a recent grade summary:

Keywords: innovation sustainable bioeconomy technology renewable energy hydrogen policy management business startup