*Start-up cooperation* - Deep wallet analytics: Towards understanding web3 user groups

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Bachelor; Master


Disclaimer: this thesis will be developed in cooperation with Moonblock, a web3 data analytics start-up. Hence, the thesis will be supervised jointly by the RWTH TIM Institute (academic aspects; Georg Schiffner) and Moonblock (e.g., technical aspects). Please find information on Mooblock, incl. contact information, below. Link to corporate posting:


## Background

While web2 companies like Google and Facebook know a lot about their customers based on the data they gather this data is walled within their gardens and only accessible to them (unless you pay for it). While in web3 data on the blockchain, i.e. wallet and transaction data, is in theory openly transparent, it is still very challenging to better understand their user as this is an inherently anonymous space. While in classical marketing there are established frameworks to profile and segment target customers (e.g. the Sinus Mileus), this is still lacking in web3 making it challenging to understand web3 users better.

## Goal

Behind every wallet is also a person. The goal is to develop a methodology to create user segments and personas (e.g. trader, gamer, brand enthusiast) within the holdership of a NFT collection. Segments can be derived based on multitude of variables (e.g. wallet age, transaction history, assets owned, etc). Guiding research question are

- Which on-chain variables and features can be employed to derive meaningful segments?
- Which approaches or algorithms (e.g. clustering, supervised learning) lead to meaningful results that can be interpreted? Which name tags can be given to those segments?
- How do the user groups of different NFT collections compare to each other (e.g. blue chip collection vs Brand NFT collection)?

## Your Responsibilities

- Develop a framework and approach to derive user segments based on onchain wallet and transaction data
- Compare different machine learning approaches (clustering, supervised learning) with each other
- Query NFT and wallet data from the Ethereum Blockchain
- Build a proof-of-concept on subgroups of different brand NFT collections and blue-chip collections and compare user groups

## Your Background & competencies

- You are reliable, self-driven and motivated to build something from scratch, you love to enable other people and do not hesitate to get your hands dirty.
- You are enthusiastic about the web3 and NFTs and have first experiences in the space (e.g. a wallet or NFTs)
- You love analytical challenges and are technically savvy and know how to program e.g. in Python, R or SQL
- You like working together with an interdisciplinary, diverse and international team to enhance different aspects our organization.
- You are willing to invest into your personal learning and career development and are available for 3-6 months.

## Interested?

Shoot us a message at - we're happy to answer any questions you may have.



## What we do

We believe that every brand will be a web3 brand in the future. We have already seen this with major brands launching NFT collection such as Adidas, Nike, Coca Cola, Gucci, Lamborghini … - and the list goes on and on. At Moonblock we provide marketing and innovation manager the data they deserve. We offer a Web3 Brand Intelligence Solution to find, analyze, and benchmark Web3 projects (starting with NFTs) of brands across industries.

Learn more about us here - Work @ Moonblock:

## Why it matters

- Leveraging the power of consumer and competitor data: For the first time, data on consumer and competitor is accessible on the blockchain that can be utilized to follow best practices, understand consumers better and benchmark performance with peers.
- Embracing main stream adoption of Web3 technologies: Traditional brands launching NFT collection and metaverse experiences are a key channel to onboard the next wave of web3 users into the ecosystem and embrace the technology
- There are decades of brand reputation at risk: Traditional brands spent decades of building up their brand and a loyal audience. This is why it is mission critical to get their web3 go to market entry strategy right in an authentic manner without compromising their brand.

## Why you should consider joining

1. Impact in an early-stage start-up environment: Get the full startup experience during your thesis time. Become part of an early-stage startup and contribute with your research directly to the product. Create impact instead material for the drawer - and finish your degree. Win - Win!
2. Work closely with the Founders: We are an interdisciplinary team with experience at McKinsey, appliedAi, Stanford, MIT and Berkeley that is highly motivated to succeed, but loves to laugh. Work very closely with the founders as the team member #1. Join now and grow your entrepreneurial spirit.
3. Top supporters and investors believe in us: We are supported by first class investors such as W3 Fund, serial entrepreneurs e.g. the founder of Presize or former board directors of large brands (e.g. CTO of Audi). Join now and contribute to showing them they invested wisely!


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Keywords: web3, wallets, crypto , NFTs, Blockchain, DeFi