Action recommendations for structural change

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Lehrstuhl für Innovation, Strategie und Organisation
Bachelor; Master


Are you looking for an exciting thesis that gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your research and analysis skills and at the same time achieve a practical benefit for the region? Then this is just right for you!

As part of this thesis, you should deal intensively with the topic of structural change and derive recommendations for action for politicians and economic promoters, which describe how these decision-makers can strengthen the regional economy in the long term and expand it in an ecologically sustainable way. In doing so, you will draw on data from interviews, future studies, and project reports and supplement them with your own research on the topic of regional policy of structural change topics.

As an example region, the model region bioeconomy in the Rhenish mining area serves you, where you will develop your recommendations for action. Their results should also be made directly accessible to decision-makers and can thus help shape the region.
In doing so, you will generalize recommendations on the basis of the data and published literature across the regional context and derive basic structures for recommendations for action in the context of structural change. Depending on your interests, you can also compare your work with one or more other local initiatives and thus gain a comprehensive picture of the challenges and opportunities of structural change in the region.

If you are committed and determined, you like to work independently, and are interested in socially relevant topics, then apply now for this exciting thesis and contribute to change in the region!

Keywords: Structural change, recommendations for action, practical, regional