Sustainability in the chemical industry: Evaluating innovative solutions in the traditional polymer market

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Bachelor; Master


Polyols and Polyurethane play a critical role in the chemical industry with appliances in the automotive, textile and the construction industry. However, current solutions are non-recyclable and pose a threat to the environment stressing the importance of new sustainable solutions. In a traditional industry with only incremental innovations and small margins, a green transformation poses a severe challenge. This bachelor's or master's thesis shall research and evaluate different options for the transformation of the chemical industry. The exact research question of this thesis can be developed together in a Zoom meeting. However, the following broad topics are potential options:
- Evaluation of sustainability strategies of European Polymer players
- Evaluation of innovative solutions to replace classical polyols or polyurethanes
- Market overview and prognosis of sustainable polyols or polyurethane solutions

Application Process: Please send me an email describing in 1-2 sentences why you are interested in the thesis and attach your resume (

What's in it for you?
- Very good supervision and fair evaluation
- Insight into methodologies for evaluating markets and innovations
- Thesis on one of the most important sustainability topics in Germany and worldwide
- Insight into the start-up world with the option of a job

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Keywords: Sustainability, polymer, polyol, polyurethane, innovation, entrepreneurship, carbon reduction