AI Governance unlocked: Exploring Frameworks and Real-world Applications [Application within Your Personal Interest]

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In this Master's Thesis project, you will have the unique opportunity to delve into the intricate landscape of AI Governance and its real-world applications. The project encompasses the following pivotal aspects:

-Comprehensive Literature Analysis and Framework Compilation: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive review of existing AI Governance frameworks. Synthesize their core principles, methodologies, and approaches to build a solid foundation of knowledge.

-Strategically Apply Frameworks to a Self-Chosen Use Case: Building upon your research, you will select AI Governance frameworks that align seamlessly with your personally chosen use case. This phase involves critical analysis and strategic thinking to determine how these frameworks can be effectively integrated.

-Critical Evaluation of Pros, Cons, Opportunities, and Risks: As you apply AI Governance frameworks to your chosen use case, you will conduct a thorough evaluation of potential benefits, limitations, opportunities, and risks associated with their application.

-Personalized Use Case Selection: Embrace the freedom to select a use case that resonates with your personal interests and background. Your chosen use case will fuel your passion and ensure the relevance of your research.

Timeline and Language:
Timeframe: Embark on this academic journey during the Winter Semester 2023/24, with the submission of your final thesis anticipated within the calendar year 2024.
Language: Express yourself fluently in either German or English. Choose the language that aligns best with your vision for this research endeavor.

In addition to your email expressing interest, kindly forward your CV and a current transcript of your grades via email to: